Frequently Asked Questions

Buying the domain name- is an obtaining a right to manage the domain name.
Selling the domain name – is a transferring a right to manage the domain name.

Auction for the right of managing the domain name (Auction)—arrangements for the preparation and conducting bidding for the right to manage the domain names offered for sale, for determining the winner of the auction and transfer the domain name to the Auction Winner.

Bidding — publication of the information about the domain name in the list of domain names for sale and accounting of bidders rates by the bidding organizer. Organizer / Seller is hereby the web-site:

Buyer — is a person or a company wishing to purchase a domain name.

Bidder – is a buyer participating in the Auction. The auction can also be held among persons and companies.

Auction Winner – is a member of the auction, with the winning bid (who offered the best bid).

Starting price – is a price at which the bidding for the domain name starts.

Blitz-price – is a price for which a domain name can be sold before the end of bidding period.

Bid – is a participant’s offer in the auction to buy a domain name.

Best bid – is the highest bid among the Bids of the Members of Auction.

Second bid – is the second after the Best bid.

Step of auction – is an interval within which the buyer may increase the bid.

Domain name price – is the amount paid by the winner of the auction for the purchase of a domain name that equals the value of maximum Bid of an Auction Winner.

Pushing – transfer of the domain inside the registrar.

Without an e-mail confirming your registration it is impossible to access the site. In this case, start the registration again with the correct e-mail. You may need to create a new e-mail.

Your provider may have set up spam-filters so that letters from the online auction can’t reach you. In this case, try to create a new e-mail, or ask your provider regarding this issue.

To change the bid, follow these steps:
1. Go to the auction page.
2. Enter the amount of the bid.
3. Click the “Make a bid”.
Your bid must exceed the Best bid on the value within the step of the auction. If there is the value of the buynow-price established and published in the bidding, it is allowed to set the bid equal to the buynow-price.

You can refuse to participate in the bidding only if you have set the bid that is not the Best bid or the Second bid among all buyers.

You will be sent an email notification that your bid has been outbid.

Results of the bids can be viewed on the auction page.

Auction winner is the participant who made the maximum bid. In case if the two bids of Buyers are equal, the advantage gets the Buyer, whose bid was first registered in the bidding. It should be taken into account that if there is a Blitz-price set in the bidding, when someone makes a bid, equal to the Blitz-price, the bidding for the domain are terminated immediately.

If the auction winner does not fulfill his payment obligations, the right to buy the domain goes to the Vice-winner, the bid of which was the second in the bidding. However, he becomes the winner of the auction.

In the case of non-payment for the won item within 4 days, the domain will be re-offered for sale.

Buy now – is an additional option, set by the seller, when putting the domain at an auction, if he agrees to sell his domain for the Blitz-price, without waiting for the bidding. If the buyer takes an advantage of this option, the domain goes to him, and bidding on a given domain is finished.

Domains that are put up for bidding are serviced by the registrar To speed up the procedure of obtaining the rights to the domain, it is necessarily to have an account in the In this case, the domain will be transferred by pushing inside the registrar and the administration of the auction will be able to control the process of transfer of the domain for the account of the Winner fully. You will need to tape your email from the Gotld account to your profile on

1. To transfer a domain to another registrar transmission side should request the domain transfer code from the current registrar technical support (in another words EPP- or Auth-code). When dealing with some registrars, you can view the code for a transfer in the panel of the domain settings.

2. In addition, you should make sure that the security settings of the domain do not have the lock for transfer, and that you have access to email, which is registered in the contact information of the domain owner.
3. Then, the code is transmitted by the receiving side that initiates the transfer. Usually, transfer service in the panel of the registrar looks like “Transfer domain to us.” Created request for transfer must be paid. The cost of transferring the domain to a new registrar is the cost of registering a domain for a year. And this year, in fact, is added to the term of the domain.
4. After the transfer payment is done, the registrar to which a domain was transferred, sends a request to the current registrar to confirm the transfer.
5. As a rule, the transmitting side receives a notification by email with the question to consent to transfer. It can be of two types. The letter may contain a link that you must go to confirm the transfer. Or, as it is more often happens with international registrars, the letter states that to confirm transfer you need do nothing. And in case of refusal you should go to the link in the email.
After confirming the transfer the domain is transferred to the final panel of the receiving party within 5 days.

As a rule, a domain name is transferred prior to its expiration and its term is extended for 1 year by the receiving registrar. If the payment term of a domain name has expired, the domain is not removed immediately. You still have the opportunity to renew the domain within 30-60 days (depending on the registrar).
If the domain is extended on the side of the transferring registrar during these 30-60 days, and then a request to transfer the domain to another registrar was formed, the domain name will lose 1 year of its term, which was added by the transferring registrar.

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