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Interview with “The King of Pinyin”—Muxing, who just sold 885.com and zc.com for over $2M 2016-03-30

Muxing(Pinyin of Jupiter), one of Big Four domain investors in China(the other three are Uncle Hang, Leizhu, John Xu), recently sold 885.com and ZC.com for over $2M! The news spread through the entire domaining community, but the post(by Zhangdaguanren) was recently deleted per the request of Muxing himself. He is a low-profile man, indeed. When […]

What should you look for when choosing a business domain name? 2016-03-24

1. Make Sure You Are Not Stepping on Anyone’s Toes Invest in a preliminary legal check or just manual check with google to make sure the domain name is not likely to cause customer confusion which could result in trademark litigation. The last thing you want to do is spend time and money directing traffic […]

Don’t Pick an Exact-Match Domain 2016-03-21

For SEO newbies, there is the temptation to pick an exact-match domain, or EMD. What is an exact-match domain? An exact-match domain is a domain name that includes the keyword phrase itself. Some people call them Keyword Domains. For example, let’s say your new business wanted to rank for the keyword “awesome cheap widgets”. If […]

5 ‘Ks’ to Domain Name Perfection 2016-03-16

Unless you already have an established brand name (one that’s available with a .com extension) you’re going to have to do some brainstorming to come up with a domain name that will serve to identify and establish your brand or business. There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to come up […]

Some cool information about .TK and other strange domain names 2016-03-15

If you thought U.S. or China has the highest number of registrations, you are far away. It was a surprise for us, too, to find out that the little New Zealand territory, Tokelau, governs the world with 31 million .tk domain names. With a population of just a few more than 1,400 residents over a […]

Interview With The Expert – Ali Zandi 2016-03-14

1. Why and when did you get into buying and selling domain names? I think it’s a similar story to most. Bored as @#$% with whatever else I was doing. Hated it. Surfed the web and found the holy grail or something like it. I like it because I’m still not bored with it. Truth […]

Coventry car maker Jaguar Land Rover wins internet domain name battle with marketing firm 2016-03-09

Jaguar Land Rover took on a marketing company in a row over domain names. The Coventry car-maker said there were trademark infringements with 47 internet domain names registered by Big Marketing Limited. They featured the words “Land Rover”, “Jaguar”, “Range Rover”, “E-Type” or “Rover”, all of which are Jaguar Land Rover trade marks. Big Marketing, […]

How to lose a $175,000 domain name in a UDRP 2016-03-03

A company in the United Kingdom just lost a domain name it paid $175,000 for in a UDRP*. It should be viewed as a lesson on what not to do with a domain name that has both a generic/geo value as well as that of a brand. Diversity Network acquired Halifax.com in September 2015 for […]

Your Guide to Chinese Domain Names 2016-02-29

A few notes about the list: Numbers do not translate directly to Chinese characters. We use the term ‘translation’ loosely to refer to finding a meaningful Chinese phrase that rhymes with or sounds similar to a number (0-9) as pronounced in Mandarin. That means for a certain number, we may come up with a Chinese […]

Best Free Resources for a Domain Investor 2016-02-24

In the domain name industry, we are very lucky to have such a wide variety of websites and resources to help us keep track of what is happening and to help us all profit from that. Fortunately, many of these resources are free to use. NamePros The NamePros platform (forums, news, blog, marketplace, etc.) is […]

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