Terms & Conditions

General Provisions:
To participate in the auction you need to register on sitetrader.net. Your login provided during registration is public, other users of the system will see it. If you want to work in incognito mode, you can buy mode in your profile, one-time cost of incognito mode is $10. All questions have arisen in the process of working with the auctionyou can ask in the technical support service . Technical support is available from 9.00 am – 18.00 Mon-Fri (+1 GMT) and 9.00 – 11.00 Sat-Sun


Bidding begins after the moment specified as the Start of an auction. The maximum period of an auction is set by the Seller. If the period of an auction is not specified by the Seller, it is set by default as 14 days. Remaining until the end of the auction time is displayed in the lot as “time left”. Domain name price and a Step of an auction set by the Seller in the trading system with the increasing bid. A bid is not limited. Minimum Step of an auction is determined by the Seller. If the Step of an auction is not specified, it is set by default as 5$. An auction ends at a specified time and the winner is the one who have the maximum price for the lot. An auction ends immediately if the Blitz-price is offered for the lot.


Buy now
To buy a domain for the price “buy now” you need just click on the “Buy Now” button. If the proposed price “Buy now” for the lot, the auction ends immediately.


Site section where sells domain names for a fixed price and without time limits. To buy a domain in the Market enough to press the button “Buy”


Note: after winning the auction, winner has 4 days to pay for bought domain name. After this period, the domain name will be re-auctioned and the user profile will be blocked.

After you will win the auction, you bid a price “buy now” or clicked “buy” in the Market, the status of the auction is determined as “Lot is sold” or “Lot is sold Buy Now”, also will be shown the name of auction winner. From this moment you will have access to payment instruments. You have 4 days to make the payment. If you have additional questions before making a payment, you can open a ticket in the technical support service. Presence of open tickets suspends payment deadline while your issue is resolved. After the payment, the operator manually check the status of payment and the auction will be changed to “paid.”


Currently available the following payment instruments

1. Bank transfer;
2. Paxum;
3. PayPal;
4. Webmoney.


Safe transactions
For secure transactions we can use the service Escrow.com (fee about $25, 50/50 seller buyer). To use it possibility, please create a ticket. Detail at escrow.com

Domain transfer
Note:  that after the transfer of the domain name occurs lock (Hold) for 60 days, during which the domain can’t be transferred to another registrar.

Domain transfer carried out exclusively in Gotld.com (reseller program resellerсlub.com). You should register an account on gotld.com and enter your email address in your profile (no access to the Account, and only Email, never tell anyone access to the Account) and within 1-2 business days the domain will be transferred to your account.

Please note that after the transfer of the domain name occurs lock (Hold) for 60 days, during which the domain can’t be transferred to another registrar.

This means that you have complete control over the management of the domain you can modify the DNS domain to send it to your IP addresses. You be able to make a transfer to another registrar no earlier than after 60 days. It is not our decision, this is rule of parent organization which operates worldwide.

For your information, there are various when domain name can’t be transferred to another registrar:
1. The domain name should be registered or transferred at least 60 days ago;
2. 30 days must elapse since the last transfer or push of the domain (online transfer within the same registrar);
3. should be more than 15 days before the expiration of the domain delegation;
4. the domain should’t be expired;
5. The status of the domain in Whois should be “OK” or “ACTIVE”, must be removed all restrictions on the transfer of the domain. If the domain has the status “Transfer Lock”, “Transfer is prohibited”, the domain transfer is not possible. First of all, it is necessary to unlock the transfer.