10 New Domainer Mistakes We All Made 2016-02-11

The New Domainer Mistakes

New Domainer Mistakes #1: Starting Now

Even if you do not read any of the other new domainer mistakes, knowing this one will help you to become a successful domainer and save you money when you start out.

The biggest mistake most new people to domaining make is to start buying straight away without first learning what makes a good domain name how to value domains.

In most cases unless you are lucky any money you spend before you learn this will be wasted. Instead you are better to open a bank account and every time you see a domain you think is going to make you millions put that you would have paid into the bank account.

This way once you have enough knowledge to buy good domain names you should have a large amount to buy quality domain names, without the pain of losing all that money.

New Domainer Mistakes #2: I Know Everything There is to Know

Just hang around domain name appraisal section of domain forums for a while and you will see new domainers get very upset when a more experienced domainer tells then their domain is rubbish.

Most domainers want to help other learn from their mistakes. Normally when they give you information on a forum or website such as this they generally want to help you avoid the mistakes they made when they were first staring out.

So do not be a know it all and take any advise you can get from a more experienced domainer because they will know more than you. Even successful domain investors still take advise and try to learn something new each day because they know they do not know everything about domaining.

New Domainer Mistakes #3: I Just Brought a Premium Domain

I it unlikely, because only about 5% of domains can really be considered a premium domain name. Just because you think it is an excellent domain name doesn’t mean that it is a premium name.

It may be ideal for a website in the niche it is in but still may not be worth much.

New Domainer Mistakes #4: Who the Hell Are You

I do not know about you but I like dealing with a real person. Make sure people can learn something about you. We are not talking about your full name, vacation photos, details of your children and your financial records for the last 10 years here.

Even your first name and photo on a profile can be enough to gain the trust of someone because domaining is about creating relationships and that of course starts with building trust with people.

New Domainer Mistakes #5: You Want a Fight

While healthily debate is a great and you can learn from it, being aggressive can actually damage your change of success in this industry. Just remember that the person you are fighting with may be the person that you need tomorrow.

Everyone that you interact with could be a buyer, help you with a problem or gives you information that may make you more successful. Why would you not be friendly, considerate and respectful?

New Domainer Mistakes #6: Spam Me Not

Every domainer receives these. Spam email that you know have been bulk emailed because all the email addresses are in the CC.

Some of them are so bad that they are funny. Most go like this.


The PREMIUM domain name michaeljacksonsthisisitmoviemerchandise.wang is for sale. Only $100,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bid now.

Then they follow up with another twenty emails just in case you missed the first one. Guess want I do not want your rubbish domain.

Do not get me wrong, sending an email to a domain investor can produce sales but it has to be done the correct way by targeting the right person for the right domain and done in a professional manner so they will trust you.

New Domainer Mistakes #7: How Unprofessional am I

The problem with new domainers is that they see domaining more as a hobby than a business. The problem is that they do not come across as professional. You need to treat domaining as a business right from the start and be professional.

This does not mean you need a company logo and offices, Social media profiles that are filled out using a nice photo and useful information will help someone to gain trust in you.

New Domainer Mistakes #8: How Much Did You Pay for That!!

This goes back to mistake number 1. If you do not have the knowledge about how to value a domain name, it is very easy to pay too much for a domain name when you are first starting out. Take the advice from that mistake and put the money in the bank until you are sure you can value a domain correctly.

The worst thing is to spend a large amount of money to find the domain is not worth anywhere near what you thought it was worth.

New Domainer Mistakes #9: The Automated Domain Tool Said it’s Worth Lots.

You cannot take the value of an automated domain tool as the correct value of a domain. These sorts of tools use an algorithm that does not take into account many factors that only a human can decide make the domain a good domain.

You should never only use one tool to value you a domain name. You need to confirm and value give by using other tools as well as your experience and research of the domain name and niche the domain is in.

New Domainer Mistakes #10: I Just Brought 100 of Those New TLDs.

There is so much hype put out there each day, you never know what is true and what is rubbish or marketing bullshit.

Take for example, just because it is all over the domain forums that a certain new TLD is going to be the next big money earner doesn’t mean that it is true. Just like with any information that you read, you need to go your own research and decide if you are will to bet on something that may not happen before investing your money.

So What Can you learn From These New Domainer Mistakes.

Start by gaining as much knowledge as you can. When you have enough knowledge, you can slowly start buying domains using that knowledge.

Just make sure you do it professionally, with integrity and patience. If you can master these and avoid the new domainer mistakes outlined above you should have a much better chance of becoming a successful domainer.

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