Best Free Resources for a Domain Investor 2016-02-24


In the domain name industry, we are very lucky to have such a wide variety of websites and resources to help us keep track of what is happening and to help us all profit from that. Fortunately, many of these resources are free to use.


The NamePros platform (forums, news, blog, marketplace, etc.) is one of the best free resources you can have. As an investor, you should feel that you’re very lucky to have a central community space in which you can talk business, make new connections, and of course, make a few sales. The content on NamePros is also very educational: discussions and blog posts from a wide array of members often give beneficial hints and tips about various aspects of domain name investment.

We personally spend over an hour every day on this website. The free service allows you to search through expired domain and aftermarket listings from the most popular marketplaces on the Internet. Customization filters mean that searching for a specific type of domain name is extremely easy. The entire system is extremely easy to use, and we have found the service to be very reliable. With a global Alexa ranking of just under 8,000, there seem to be plenty of people who agree with me. It’s one of the finest free services we’ve used.


Michael Cyger  has created an extremely valuable resource in The site, which has been running since 2010, includes hundreds of hours of interviews with domain investors, end users, developers, and SEO experts who all share their experiences within the domain industry.

The videos and their content are always varied, and we believe that the videos on this website should be watched by everyone interested in becoming a better investor. The motivation and knowledge gained through the content is priceless.

Some may consider to be the nucleus of the domain industry. A free website from which you can stay up-to-date with the latest news from a variety of news outlets and blogs that cover industry events. We believe there is a small subscription fee to receive additional benefits, but the website itself is free to browse.


Every morning without fail, DSAD publishes his popular list of auction picks for the day. Shane is a seasoned investor who documents his journey on his blog for all to see. The writing team he has assembled there also do an excellent job of reporting daily domain sales data, meaning this is a blog that we read several times a day.


The popular business network is an excellent way to connect with fellow domain investors and service providers within the industry. Networking is one of the best ways of advancing in the industry, and LinkedIn gives you the perfect platform to start chatting to fellow domainers. Aside from individual profiles, there are also domain investment groups with thousands of members for you to join.


DNJournal has been documenting the sales of domain names every week for over thirteen years. Independently verifying and publishing domain name sales has been an invaluable resource to the industry for both domain investors and end users.

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