China’s .cn most used domain name in world 2016-01-20

cn domain zone
It’s been China’s domination all in most of the sectors and now the world’s most populated country has stamped its supremacy in internet world also. China’s country code domain .cn has now became the most used. With 16.36 million users, it has surpassed Germany’s .de to top the chart.
According to a data released by China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC), the domain crossed the 16 million mark by the end of 2015. It is also world leading domain in resolution service, security and the ratio of benign uses.
In 2009, the Chinese government wanted real-name registration and .cn was able to protect the users’ information and reduced online theft, phishing and fraud.
The Chinese domain name was not only widely used by Chinese institutions and companies but also by overseas institutions and multinationals, which helped it to achieve the goal. It is used by all central and provincial governments in China and most telecom companies besides commercial banks.
Even, multinationals including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Citibank are among those using it.

China has around 670 million internet users and over 4.13 million websites. In June 2015 China had 668 million Internet users, with a half-year increase of 18.94
million. The Internet penetration reached 48.8%, up 0.9 percentage point over the end of 2014.
Growth of the overall scale of Internet users continued to slow down.

By the 36th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China

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