Domain Sold For $1.5 Million 2015-12-07


According to a report appearing in, the domain name just sold for about $1.5 Million dollars.

According to the report the sales price was 9,580,000 RMB which according to today’s exchange rate is $1,496,290.52.

The domain name did change ownership yesterday.

The domain was owned by a XiaoFeng Lin of China at the domain name registrar MAFF Inc. until December 5th when the whois information was updated to reflect LinXiaoFeng of DotMedia Limited as the new owner. The domain name registrar also changed to eName Technology Co.,Ltd.

Just a couple of months ago the domain name sold for $1 Million dollars.

If the sale of could be 2015 top sales it would become the second highest reported domain name sale of the year.

The top sales list would also reflect, after Rich Schwartz sale of, the next top ten sales would be all either two letter .com domain names ( or three number .Com’s (

The original story was published in Chinese and translated using Google Translate.

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