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A domain or domain name, speaking in simple language, the name of the site. Each company or any well-known author and blogger have a website with own name/nickname/brandname. And how will look like the name of the site is largely dependent on such factors as the rankings, its success among users, readers and customers.

When choosing a domain every site owner aims to ensure that the name of the site was a short, memorable, and unique sonorous, so to make it easier to find among the millions of sites.

Therefore, the success of a project depends largely on the name of the website, which displays information about it. No wonder they say, the ship name, so it will float! Therefore, well-chosen domain can further play a very important in the development of your business or a creative project, and even bring more income and popularity! We have a big database of the domain names which we can offer to all our customers. Sign up and bid now!

domain choosing rules

Some rules for choosing domain names:

1. You must think about top 3 keywords which can describe your future website and use the best which can describe your business.

2. Remember, the best idea for your domain is an unique word.

3. Dot-com is the most popular name. So you can choose it because most people think that dot-com is the only one right word after your name.

4. You should make it easy to type and to pronounce. Imagine that you want to tell somebody your website name by phone. Is it simple to understand?

5. Keep your domain name as short as it possible. The short word is very simple to remember.

6. Avoid from using couple of numbers or dashes.

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