Domain name for website with adult content 2015-10-20


Entrepreneur Rick Schwartz, well known person for his extremely successful operation of buying and selling domains, confirmed that rightly bears the unofficial title of “the domain of the king.” Yesterday it became known that he had sold one of the domains belonging to him – PORNO.COM. The deal amounted to 8888888 dollars. It is the largest in the last five years, and the fourth largest in the history of the domain of business transaction (the record belongs to a domain SEX.COM, change of ownership in 2010 for 13 million dollars).

Schwartz bought the domain PORNO.COM in 1997 for 42 thousand dollars – at a certain student who a week before he bought the domain for only 5000 and probably believed that cranked out an excellent deal. Example Rick Schwartz very clearly proves the opposite. It is not just the domain sold for almost $ 9 million. During the years of possession Schwartz, did not create any resource, only parking and advertising links received by its own estimates, about 10 million. Thus, investing 42 thousand, as a result, he earned about $ 19 million.

As for the buyer PORNO.COM, then it became a registered company in Prague, for which this is clearly “profile” investment – it already owned domains SWINGERS.COM and PORNOTV.COM. By the way, the entire amount has been paid for a domain in cash.

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