Google domain service fail 2015-10-07

google fail

    Google have it own service for registration domain names and provide hosting infrastructure. It works for customers which have billing address in USA. On man who was a google employer in past looking for domain names and saw that domain is available for registration. Just imagine – you can buy now just for 12 dollars! Unbelievable! Of course he buy it immediately. As would be expected google cancel this transaction for about few minutes and renew this domain for themselves.

google domain social trends

    All social networks already repost about big google fail. So we want to tell you that nothing is impossible, even if for a few minutes, but you have a chance to become the owner of a domain owned by a large company. Or maybe you can buy your own name and become to be success with your new company. Who knows, who knows. We can help you to bid and give you any advice if you need.

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