Looking at some Top 10 Sales of 2015 in domain industry 2016-01-12

Blogs in web shared a list of the top ten public sales that were transacted on marketplaces in 2015. Only the top sales that were publicly reported are included in this list, and we think it would look quite different had all of top sales been reported.
Several of the sales were written about around the time they occurred, although the majority of acquisitions were not covered.
We want to share the top 10 public sales of 2015 that were transacted and have a look at how the domain names are being used today:
1) Give.com – $500,000 – Parked
2) Heika.com – $300,000 – – Chinese website
3) Same.com – $233,333 – – Forwards to OhSame.com Chinese website
4) Pax.com – $200,000 – Owned by Pax Labs
5) Response.com – $150,000 – Company called Response
6) Anker.com – $130,000 – Company called Anker
7) KHC.com – $120,000 – Does not resolve
8) Ignite.com $112,500 – Coming soon landing page
9) Mercari.com – 100,000 Euro – Company called Mercari
10) Material.com – $100,000Material company coming soon
If you can to guess, we would imagine that many of the top sales of the year were private sales that were closed by brokers.
We like seeing sales reports like this, but they only tell a small part of the story.

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