Verisign: XYZ Is 6 On The Top 10 Trending Keyword For .Com Registrations In September 2015-10-23

VeriSign-Logo Verisign’s (VRSN) published the top 10 keywords in registered in .COM and .NET in September and with the help of Google who bought amazing publicity to the .XYZ extension with its acquisition of, the term XYZ was number 6 on the top 10 .com list. In all 2356 .com domain names were registered that contained XYZ and here is the list of September .com registrations that contained XYZ Curiously the domain name was registered in September before it was revealed that Google acquired the domain name, and no Google did not register it. The domain name is also now registered as well just a few days ago also not owned by Google Here is the list: list-keywords

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