What can you do with your new domain? 2015-10-26


Now we want to talk about your profit. Good idea, yeah? Some people just buy domain name and then want to sell it by higher price. But if you have the name which contains keywords related to profit niche you can create website with similar content. So, when somebody search in google information on your topics he can found several sites. And if the domain name of your website is looking good people click on it. Then you have your offer and contact page. Good content and prices can make money for you in future.
You can make money with lead generation in a couple of ways: firstly, you can charge per lead. This involves agreeing a fee per lead which you sell to a company. This tends to be a fairly low payment, but it’s easy to manage and request payment. The second option is to create a partnership with a company in which you receive a percentage of the profits for a successful lead.

To be successful with lead generation, it’s a good idea to start with a domain name that you own which has popular keywords and plenty of advertisers for those keywords (or a high Cost Per Click estimate). A popular keyword in this case can range from 500 searches per month to much higher, depending on the industry or niche.


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