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This month top domain sales 2015-11-30

Best deals in november. Just look at this prices! You can be one from this people who get so high price for their domain names. 6.xyz $125,000 NOY.com $39,000 Aflam.com $34,000 PEQ.com $27,000 ExpectTheUnexpected.com $25,000 Hites.com $20,000 Moncv.com $15,900 4129.com $15,097 5UC.com $15,000 Palm.info $13,250 Solopreneur.com $11,094 XXWW.com $11,100 Sponsor.me $10,600 0852.com $10,000 Webedu.com $10,000 […]

Story about Viajes.com (€400,000 deal) 2015-11-27

You may not have heard of Barcelona, Spain based domain investor/developer Amado Martin Benitez before. In 2012 Benitez managed to acquire one of the world’s best Spanish language domain names – Viajes.com (“Travel” in Spanish) for €400,000. After more than two years of painstaking development work, Benitez’s company has launched a new site on the […]

Some chinese domain names on our auction 2015-11-25

List of chinese domain names with province (region) letters in China. China cnxn.net cnwc.net Anhui ahko.net ahen.net ahein.net ahotv.com hostah.com Beijing bjdb.net bjeu.net Fujian avfj.com Gansu wegs.net gstat.net okgs.net Guangxi gxru.com Guizhou gzoi.com Hong Kong hklure.com Jiangsu jsrs.net Jilin jlhu.com Macao aohost.net aoru.net Ningxia nxserv.com nxserv.net cnxn.net Qinghai qhoi.com qhuz.com Shaanxi saaudi.com Shandong 7sd.net sdek.net […]

Value of Letters in Chinese Domains 2015-11-24

The domain market in China has exploded. Short domains, mostly 2 to 5 numeric domains and 2 to 4 letter .COM domains have skyrocketed in a few short years due to the growing demand of investors and companies in China. Although short domains have always been in demand worldwide, the emergence of China’s economy in […]

Domain Industry Pioneer Larry Fischer is Blazing an Innovative New Business Trail with Launch of SiteChat.com 2015-11-23

Larry Fischer of GetYourDomain.com is one of the most successful domain investor/brokers of all time but the personable industry veteran’s fame may soon spread far beyond our relatively small corner of the Internet. At THE Domain Conference a few weeks ago in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Larry wowed a lot of people (including me) when he […]

Freelancer Purchase of Escrow.com Finalized 2015-11-20

In April Australia’s Freelancer.com (the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing and crowd sourcing marketplace with 15 million users in 247 countries around the world) had agreed to purchase California based escrow giant Escrow.com for $7.5 million in cash – subject to regulatory approval. That requirement has now been met and today Freelancer announced the deal has […]

9 years later, Twitter gets Twitter.com.au 2015-11-18

Twitter has won a cybersquatting complaint against the owner of the Australian domain name Twitter.com.au. The company filed the complaint with World Intellectual Property Organization. Jason Boyce registered the domain name in 2006, just as the Twitter service was in development. Twitter hadn’t bothered him about the domain name (at least formally) until 2012, when […]

Escrow domain transfer 2015-11-12

When you are selling a domain name, you don’t want to suffer because of failed transactions or being tricked by defaulters. Safeguard your monetary dealings; the best way to do this is to take the help of a secure domain transfer and escrow service. The escrow system is highly beneficial because a buyer has to […]

How to sell domain names? 2015-11-11

To sell a domain name, first you should learn some information in web to price it. Many sellers fail to sell their names in the marketplace, simply because they overpriced the domain, and thereby lost the chance to sell it. A lack of knowledge leads to erratic pricing. Experienced buyers will not try to bargain, unless […]

Godaddy May Be The World’s Largest Domain Registrar But Not For New gTLD’s 2015-11-10

Godaddy.com, which is the world’s largest domain name registrar (having the most domain names under management) is no longer the number 1 domain name registrar for new gTLD domains. According to ntldstats.com, Godaddy.com has fallen into the 2nd position worldwide when it comes to domain registered with new domain extensions, known as new gTLD’s. A […]

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