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Coca-Cola own 61 variants on the domain Ahh.com 2015-12-28

  Coca-Cola owns 61 domain names on Ahh.com, including one with 61 Hs Coca-Cola, the Supreme Leader in soft drink manufacturing has the market trapped on all things surrounding the sound you make when you open your mouth wide and say “ahh.” Back in 2013, Coca-Cola had launched an ad campaign with a strange series […]

Tata’s bid for .tata gTLD scuppered by Morocco 2015-12-25

Tata Group, the humongous Indian conglomerate, has been told its flagship application for a dot-brand gTLD has been refused. ICANN on Friday changed the status of the application for .tata from “On Hold” to “Will Not Proceed”, a limbo state that is usually expected to lead to the application being withdrawn. It is believed that […]

Do you know about xyz registry tracker? 2015-12-22

  Daniel Negari, CEO of the .xyz registry has reported that there are no available five number .xyz domain name combinations now! The XYZ registry easily allows people to see what domain names are available by clicking the download CSV file on the tracker page, which displays the available domain names for ones they are tracking, […]

6 things EVERYONE must know about their domain name 2015-12-19

It has never been easier to register a new domain name, but also never more confusing. There are a dizzying number of new domain extensions, different registrars and options you can choose from after purchase, and making a few poor choices can add up to costly and time-consuming problems. Fortunately, arming yourself with a little […]

Answers from Google to Common Questions About New Domain Name Endings 2015-12-11

Will these new domain name endings affect my website’s search ranking? No. The Webmaster Central blog recently addressed this question and more to make it clear that new domain name endings are not treated any differently than traditional domain name endings like .com or .org. Domain names with new endings are shown in search just […]

Should domainer develop website? 2015-12-10

Sometimes we buy very cool domain names and think about creating own website on it. The main risk you’d be facing if you were to embrace development as well would be that you’d no longer have enough time to be a good domain investor. Don’t underestimate the amount of time and energy required to be […]

Fake Domain Wire Transfer Scheme 2015-12-09

A new controller reported for his first week of work at ABC Tire Company anxious to prove that his new employer had hired the right person. In his first week, he received an email from the company CEO with the instructions: “Process a wire of $205,250.29 ASAP to the below account information. Code it to […]

Domain 688.com Sold For $1.5 Million 2015-12-07

According to a report appearing in ename.cn, the domain name 688.com just sold for about $1.5 Million dollars. According to the report the sales price was 9,580,000 RMB which according to today’s exchange rate is $1,496,290.52. The domain name 688.com did change ownership yesterday. The domain was owned by a XiaoFeng Lin of China at […]

New gTLDs didn’t kill anyone 2015-12-03

The introduction of new gTLDs posed no risk to human life. That’s the conclusion of JAS Advisors, the consulting company that has been working with ICANN on the issue of DNS name collisions. It is final report “Mitigating the Risk of DNS Namespace Collisions”, published last night, JAS described the response to the “controlled interruption” […]

Namescon The domain name industry event in January 2015-12-02

All people who invest on domain name industry are invited to the internet conference in January 10-13 2006 in Las Vegas! Maximize Time NamesCon begins with an intensive one-day networking and exhibition event called Network Lane, and the action continues with a record-setting domain auction, the WaterNight charity event, and days of sessions, keynotes and networking. Rest […]

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