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Google domain service fail 2015-10-07

    Google have it own service for registration domain names and provide hosting infrastructure. It works for customers which have billing address in USA. On man who was a google employer in past looking for domain names and saw that domain google.com is available for registration. Just imagine – you can buy now google.com […]

Domain. Choosing the right domain name. 2015-10-05

A domain or domain name, speaking in simple language, the name of the site. Each company or any well-known author and blogger have a website with own name/nickname/brandname. And how will look like the name of the site is largely dependent on such factors as the rankings, its success among users, readers and customers. When […]

Fast transfer of the domains 2015-01-25

To make the domain transfer process faster for all our customers, we propose them the following scheme of work. Client, who made a purchase, register an account in gotld.com and gives us his e-mail. Further transfer of the domain is made by push under our full control. Thus, we solve two problems: – Quickly transfer […]

The “market” is added – is selling domain names for fixed prices 2015-01-08

Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that we have launched a market, a department of the auction in which the domains are sold at a fixed price and without time limit. Numerous inquiries about selling domains led us to create the partition in which the domains sold regardless of the time and at […]

Added Partner Program 2014-12-24

A new extension of the auction functional is added affiliate program. Now, all registered customers have the opportunity to earn money with the auction Sitetrader with new customers who learnt about us by a referral link. How does this work: The “Affiliate” section appeared in the interface profile, where you can get an affiliate link. […]

Added new domain names 2014-12-15

Today another group of domain names was added to our auction as part of our expanding offerings. As always there is a large number of short and loud domains consisting of 3 or 4 characters in domain zones .com, .net, .biz, .org in our Domain group. We invite you to get acquainted with our offer […]

The second and third sale, let’s go! 2014-12-06

There have been several historical events at our auction: we have sold several domain names a few days ago. Customers got their domains, and we got a new experience of communicating with them and thus we became a little better for you. Every day we make our site better and better for you.

The first sale of a domain 2014-10-29

Dear friends, today is a truly historic event, the first sale of a domain name at our auction. The ancients said: The path with a length of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So our project made the first step, the first sale, the first successful act, for what we have actually worked […]

The first thousand domains 2014-09-25

Dear friends, we inform you that the first thousand domain names are on sale at our auction. Among the exposed domain names there is a large number of short domains of 3, 4-letter combinations, domains with history and beautiful names. We are planning to offer you domain names for as long as it will satisfy […]

Opening of the site 2014-09-15

We are pleased to announce the opening of our domain names auction Sitetrader. Some sections of the site are still designed, but our young and ambitious team is actively working at it! We hope that on our site you can find the domain names! Great choice of domain names and convenient sorting will allow you […]

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