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Google’s .car domain name registrations are more interesting than Apple’s 2016-01-22

Everyone got in a tizzy a couple weeks ago about Apple registering .car domain names. This was stupid because Apple registers its brands in just about every new domain name that comes out. Google does the same — it registered Adsense.car, Alphabet.car and Google.car, among others. But it also registered a few generic/descriptive domains in […]

China’s .cn most used domain name in world 2016-01-20

It’s been China’s domination all in most of the sectors and now the world’s most populated country has stamped its supremacy in internet world also. China’s country code domain .cn has now became the most used. With 16.36 million users, it has surpassed Germany’s .de to top the chart. According to a data released by […]

Dell Wins Seven Dell-Related Domain Names in Arbitration 2016-01-19

An arbitrator with the National Arbitration Forum has recently awarded seven Dell-related domain names to DELL. Dell filed the complaint with the National Arbitration Forum on 12 November,2015. The seven disputed domain names are : delllaptoprepairindelhi.com, delllaptoprepairinghaziabad.com, delllaptoprepairinfaridabad.com, delllaptoprepairinnoida.com, delllaptoprepairingurgaon.com, delllaptoprepairindwarka.com and delllaptopservicecentre.com. DELL owns many trademark registrations for the “DELL” mark all over the […]

ICANN Holds Second Turkey Domain Name System Forum in Istanbul 2016-01-18

ICANN is hosting the second Turkey Domain Name System (DNS) Forum, which will take place from 18-19 January 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. A key focus of the forum will be to discuss the status of the Internet industry in Turkey and the Turkish domain name market, exploring both the opportunities and challenges businesses, entrepreneurs and […]

Last domain name stats from Escrow.com 2016-01-15

Freelancer.com CEO Matt Barrie presented data from Escrow.com at NamesCon. There are some fascinating stats, especially when it comes to the impact of China. Escrow handled $430 million of payments in 2015: The average sales price of domain names transacted through Escrow.com has appreciated 7.3% per year: 4 letter domains have appreciated 9.3% per year […]

Domain Name Registration Hits 60,000 in Nigeria 2016-01-14

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA), the registry that controls the administration of .ng domain name, which is Nigeria’s identity in the cyberspace, recorded 22,113 additional domain name registrations from January to December 2015. The figure, which is an improvement on the 18,870 domain names registered in 2014, brings the total number of registered domain […]

Looking at some Top 10 Sales of 2015 in domain industry 2016-01-12

Blogs in web shared a list of the top ten public sales that were transacted on marketplaces in 2015. Only the top sales that were publicly reported are included in this list, and we think it would look quite different had all of top sales been reported. Several of the sales were written about around […]

Apple registers automobile domain names, including “apple.car” 2016-01-11

Apple Inc has registered domain names related to automobiles, adding to speculation about the company’s plans to develop an automobile. The iPhone maker registered the domain names, which include apple.car, apple.cars and apple.auto in December, according to domain information provider Who.is. MacRumors had first reported the news on Friday, but said the domain names could […]

ZTE spends 2 million to buy nubia.com domain name 2016-01-09

        ZTE’s sub-brand Nubia has a high-end model this year, that offers the bezel-less look on a 5.2-inch screen. The ZTE Nubia Z9, powered by the Snapdragon 810 chipset, features high-end specs. It took just 10 minutes for the phone to sell out in China. The phone is available globally through the […]

Domain Name Mistakes You Need to Avoid 2016-01-04

A domain name is the major foundation for any online business. The domain name used for your business can go a long way to painting you as an expert at what you do or making you look like an amateur that people will be worried about dealing with. Which business would you patronize if you […]

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