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Domain Concierge Service – from escrow.com 2016-02-23

     Escrow.com announced that it will begin offering an enhanced “Domain Concierge Service” to make domain name deals more secure for both parties. The company will take possession of both the funds as well as the domain name. This additional level of service is not a requirement for all transactions, and there is an added cost […]

Tips for legal protecting your domain names 2016-02-16

The main rule is that you should not buy domain with existing trademark name in it. UDRP process can be, and has been, used wrongly to wrest valuable domain names from legitimate holders. As a domain name holder, you should make sure not to create a record that could be used against you in a […]

Do you need to register more than 1 domain name extensions? 2016-02-15

How many domain name extensions should you register is an important question that many people ask when thinking of buying a domain name. Do you go for the .com, .net or .org.? There are times when it does seem a good idea to register many domain name extensions. This article will hopefully help you decide […]

10 New Domainer Mistakes We All Made 2016-02-11

The New Domainer Mistakes New Domainer Mistakes #1: Starting Now Even if you do not read any of the other new domainer mistakes, knowing this one will help you to become a successful domainer and save you money when you start out. The biggest mistake most new people to domaining make is to start buying […]

ICANN has its sixth CEO in its 18-year history 2016-02-09

Swedish telecoms regulator Göran Marby will take on the job in May, two months after incumbent Fadi Chehade leaves. Marby is currently director-general of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, which regulates telecommunications and the internet in Sweden. It’s a government job. He’s been in that role since 2010, and was reappointed to the role […]

A Letter to Companies Without a Premium Domain 2016-02-08

Dear Company, It’s time you stepped out of the stone age. It’s 2016, and you are still operating on a sub-par domain name. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to talk down to you, I’m just afraid you do not see the benefits of owning a world class, premium domain name. So as your friend, and […]

Knowledge of .ca Domain Among US Population 2016-02-02

Why Did We Conduct This Study? We conducted this survey to get a better handle on how US residents perceive the .ca domain extension. While in Canada this is commonly recognized as a Canadian-based website or company, we were curious to find out whether or not this was also understood amongst Americans. These findings will […]

Zone .CO Hits 2M Domains now 2016-02-01

The .COmmunity has grown by over 7000% in just five short years! From buzzworthy startups to prominent brands, millions of innovators around the world have joined the global .COmmunity. Check out the infographic below for a summary of the .CO journey. Sure, there’s a lot to be said for a great marketing strategy but we […]

An Interview With Jason Calacanis: Domain Investor and Owner of 20.com 2016-01-28

Today, we have the great pleasure in bringing you an interview we conducted with Jason Calacanis. For those of you who don’t know about him, Jason is a very successful angel investor and the creator of some of the Internet’s most valuable websites. Interview by namepros forums (NP). Some of @jason calacanis’s achievements include creating […]

Instagram paid Chinese cyberquatter $100,000 for instagram.com, Facebook lawsuit reveals 2016-01-26

The lawsuit, filed in California last week, claims that a family of known cybersquatters, based in Guangdong, is trying to have the purchase invalidated by a Chinese court. The company, which acquired Instagram for $1 billion in 2012, wants the court to rule that the domain deal was legal, preventing the cybersquatters retaking control of […]

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